Stephan forms part of an organisation that manages, supports and provides clinical development consultancy services to hospitals and other healthcare facilities, including their promotors, across the African continent. The team he serves with understands the challenges of healthcare in general in several African countries and have seen how both private and public sectors co-exist in the reality of a national health system.

His exposure to multi-dimensional executive management from a very early age, a Masters in Pharmacy Practice and MBA with an emphasis on negotiation, has positioned him uniquely to constructively contribute to the National Health conversation.

As an active member of the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa, Stéphan is serving his second term as President, where he takes the safeguarding of the pharmacy profession very seriously.

As part of a family of friends and colleagues that literally spans the entire pharmaceutical spectrum, Stéphan is acutely aware of the challenges South Africa is facing in terms of healthcare parity, balanced with the fears of forfeiting a well-established pharmaceutical market in the South African private sector.