Professionals Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences in EMC from UJ.
MPhil Ethnicity Race Humanity at the University of Trinity (Ireland).

Currently doing a MSc at the Africa Studies for Disaster Science in Disasters Risk Sciences & Natural & Environmental Sciences at the NWU in Potchefstroom.

Ahmed is currently the National EMS Operational Manager for Disaster Medicine at the National Department of Health.

At GOTG Ahmed serves as the Head of Search & Rescue. International Disaster Coordinator & Team Leader. He is also part of the Core Management Team for GOTG Foundation.

Ahmed has 19 years of experience in the Emergency Medicine, Rescue, Aeromedical, Critical Care and Primary Health Care sectors.

My personal goals are to contribute to humanity with my skills and knowledge. As a team player, I wish to leave a legacy of hard work and commitment based on integrity & dignity and to continuously improve on the quality of all services delivered by sheer dedication and passion. Over the years, Ahmed had designed many Mobile Clinic & Medical System and Solutions across 16 countries mostly in Africa. He has also done some Research Publications in various reputable Medical and Disaster Journals
Ahmed has been involved with GOTG since 2005 and assisted, contributed to many disciplines within GOTG.
Ahmed serves GOTG in a voluntary capacity with No Remuneration and solely for the Pleasure of the Almighty, and the memory of his mother “Fatima”.