Over the Counter (OTC) Division of Adcock Ingram
Adcock Ingram is a leader in the over the counter (OTC) pharmaceutical market. The OTC division holds the leading position in the OTC pharmacy market in terms of both value and volume.
The OTC division markets an extensive portfolio of brands, supported by a large sales force infrastructure and adequate marketing and distribution support.
The business competes in the following categories: Pain; Cough and Cold; Allergy and ENT; Heartburn and Indigestion; Energy and Dermatology.
Leading brands include: Adco-dol; Alcophyllex; Allergex; Betapyn; Citro-soda; Dilinct; Solphyllex and vita-thion.
The High Volume Liquids facility situated at Clayville, is one of the largest liquid manufacturing facilities in the southern hemisphere.

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