DAY 1 -  Friday 21 October 2016


Promo audio visual of the Role of the Pharmacist and Sponsors of Welcome Cocktail 1  - Sunday, 23 October 2016

14h00 -14h30

Welcome and Introduction of Trade

14h30 -14h45

Introduction of the Minister of Health by MEC

14h45 -16h00

Opening address – Minister of Health

16h00 -16h45

Leadership and mentoring in pharmacy

16h45 - 18h00

Sponsored Welcome Cocktail Party & Official Opening of the Exhibition


DAY 2 -  Saturday 22 October 2016

05h30 - 07h00

Sponsored Fun Run/Walk

08h30 - 08h35

Promo audio visual of sponsors

08h35 - 08h45

Welcome by Programme Director

08h45 - 09h30

Director-General of Health

09h30 - 10h15

Improved access to quality medicines and services

10h15 - 10h45

Sponsored Tea Break

10h45 - 10h50

Promo audio visual of sponsors


Evolving roles of the pharmacy profession

Developing and Enhancing models of care

Innovation in pharmacy

NHI, primary care and the burden of disease


Evolution of pharmacy education

Improve patient outcomes

Use of technology in pharmacy

Effective and efficient distribution of medicines

10h50 - 11h10

The changing profile of pharmacy students

Potential contributions and challenges of clinical pharmacy in the private and public sector

Identifying the technology gaps in the practice of pharmacy

Innovative ways of delivery of medicines

11h10 -11h30

Inter-professional education: benefits and challenges

Ensuring integration of pharmacy to patient care


Stock outs: understanding the problem and finding solutions

11h30 - 11h50

Producing  well-rounded health care professionals through integrating science and practice

The occurrence and impact of adverse effects of medicines is under-estimated and  reported

Empowering patients through technology

Drug supply management: what are the knowledge and training needs   for the responsible pharmacist?

11h50 - 12h20

Understanding learning styles and adapting teaching to meet the needs of the profession

Medicines optimisation through medicine use reviews

The potential role of social media as a patient education tool

Will a state owned pharmaceutical manufacturing company solve the shortage of medicines?

12h20 - 13h05

Panel discussion

13h05 - 13h40

Sponsored Lunch


Roles of different cadres in the profession

Impact of legislation and policy on the profession

Use of technology in pharmacy

National Health Insurance

13h40 -14h00

Changing role of tutors/ preceptors

Impact of pricing regulations on the viability of community, hospital and manufacturing  pharmacy

The hospital pharmacist and the e-health revolution

National Health Insurance – the road travelled and future direction for pharmacy

14h00 -14H20

Who is accountable for what? The role of the pharmacy owner and the responsible pharmacist in RSA

Does the current pricing structure encourage the rational use of medicines

Automation in pharmacy together with RADU

Integrated referral system – maximum utilisation of resources

14h20 -14h40

Unpacking the role of the pharmacy owner and superintendent pharmacist – the UK experience

Designated service providers! What is the advantage

Electronic Health Records (EHR): role, responsibility and accountability

Reducing health inequity  – distribution of pharmacies in SA

14h40 -15h10

Panel discussion

15h10 - 15h40

Sponsored Tea Break

15h40 -16h05

Advocacy for the profession – finding the pharmacy voice within a healthcare structure

16h05 -17h00

Rapporteur session

19:00 – Late

Sponsored National Pioneer (Professional and Facility) Gala Awards Dinner


DAY 3  -  Sunday 23 October 2016

08h30 - 08h35

Audio visual promotion of sponsors

08h35 - 08h45

Welcome by Programme Director

08h45 - 09h30

Minister of Higher Education and Training


Improving patient care through research


Clinical practice and science


Workforce Development


Leadership, Corporate Governance, Policy and Legislation


Competency based framework

Group practice  and patient-centred care

Specialisations in Pharmacy

Increasing access and availability of medicines

09h30 - 09h50

Competence standards for mid-level workers

Nurses in pharmacy:  best practices in inter-professional collaboration

Expanding the delivery of  public health through pharmacy

Role of the DHET in increasing access and availability of medicines

09h50 -10h10

Competence standards for pharmacists

Pharmacy collaborating with complementary and alternative health professions including traditional healers: challenges and opportunities

What is the value of the industrial pharmacist?

Role of the DTI in increasing access and availability of medicines

10h10 -10h30

Advanced competencies for  pharmacists

Collaborative practice models with medical practitioners or dentists  in a pharmacy:  a new approach to primary healthcare

Residency programmes: Role in pre-registration training in the USA

Role of the DTI in funding novel ways of producing medicines

10h30 -1100

Panel discussion

11h00 -11h30

Sponsored Tea Break

11h30 -11h35

Audio visual promotion of sponsors


Innovation and legislation in pharmacy education and training

Enhancing practice through Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Mid-level workers in Pharmacy

Ethics and ethical issues

11h35 -11h55

Council for Higher Education

Why CPD is important - It is not your grandmother’s library

Pharmacy Technician – Zimbabwe experience

Cost of malpractice to healthcare profession

11h55 -12h15

Quality Council for Training and Occupations

CPD implementation in UK

Pharmacy Technician – Kenya experience

Has the current medicine pricing structure improved access to medicines and encouraged pharmaceutical care

12h15 -12h35

Health and Welfare Sector Education Training Authority

The value of measuring outcomes of CPD

Pharmacy Technician – USA experience

Professionalism and autonomy in practice

12h35 - 12h55

South African Qualifications Authority

Building confidence and credibility in your practice: the  Canadian experience

Mid-level workers in pharmacy – progress made so far - SA experience

Ethics and ethical behaviour – does it matter in pharmacy?

12h55 - 13h15

Panel discussion

13h15 - 14h00

Sponsored Lunch

14h00 - 14h05

Promo audio visual of sponsors


Future of Pharmacy Education and Training

Add value to the community

Supplementary/ Advanced scope of practice for pharmacists

Dispensing to ensure patient safety

14h05 - 14h25

Pharmacy Education in Australia

Adding value to health without monetary reward

Independent  pharmacist prescriber: UK experience

Medication errors – a growing problem in community and hospital pharmacy

14h25 - 14h45

Pharmacy Education in Canada

Searching for  the caring face of pharmacy

Authorised pharmacist prescriber in RSA

Best-practice strategies to improve medication safety

14h45  - 15h05

Pharmacy Education in RSA

Adopt a child  – nurture a future pharmacist

Authorised Nurse Prescriber in RSA

Community Safety- Green Pharmacy Environment

15h05 - 15h25

Panel discussion

15h25 - 15h45

Sponsored Tea Break

15h45 - 16h15

Pharmaceutical industry in South Africa

16h15 - 17h00

Rapporteur session


Sponsored Casual Dinner (theme and venue TBC)


DAY 4 -  Monday, 24 October 2016

08h35 - 08h45

Welcome by Programme Director

08h45 - 09h15

Life coaching cannot  be business as usual  

09h15 - 09h45

Antimicrobial stewardship: How far have we come and where are we going? – a South African perspective

09h45 - 10h15

Evaluating responses by pharmacy to national health outbreaks such as Ebola, Hepatitis, Malaria etc

10h15 - 10h30

Sponsored Tea Break

10h30 - 11h00

The 8 rights in patient safety

11h00 - 11h30

The race between law and technology: challenges and opportunities for pharmacy

11h30 - 12h00







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