The South African Pharmacy Council is proud to present the Second National Pharmacy Conference for all involved in the Pharmacy Industry in South Africa. The Conference will be held from 21 to 24 October 2016, at the Durban International Conference Centre. The conference will also boast the 2nd National Pharmacy Conference Golf Day on 20 October 2016 (Durban Country Club) and the 2016 National Pharmacy Pioneer Professional and Facility Awards ceremony on 23 October 2016.

The First National Pharmacy Conference held in 2013 was a major success and as such, we have decided to increase the delegate numbers from 500 to over1 300. These delegates all have a passion for the Pharmacy Industry.

The First National Pharmacy Conference’s objective was to mould the pharmacy profession into a force that could unite behind a shared vision in order to contribute more significantly to a stronger South African Healthcare system as we move towards Pharmacy 2030.

This remains a major objective of the South African Pharmacy Council, however, the specific objective of the 2016 Conference will be to identify specific stepping stones as we shape the future of South African Pharmacy.


Some of the hot programme topics include:

    • Utilising technology to improve pharmaceutical services
    • Finding the caring face of pharmacy
    • Use of social media to improve health outcomes
    • The well rounded health care professional
    • Education legislation and its impact on pharmacy
    • Innovative ways for delivery of medicines
    • Cost of malpractice to healthcare profession
    • Pharmacy collaborating with other complementary and alternative health professions including traditional healers
    • Adding value without monetary expectations
    • Human Resources in Pharmacy : Progress to date
    • National Health Insurance : Progress to date
    • Distribution of pharmaceutical services in the Country



The 2016 Conference will be a week dedicated to Pharmacy in South Africa by those involved in and passionate about the pharmacy industry.

Join us as we unite behind a shared vision to “shape the future of pharmacy” and contribute more significantly to a stronger South African healthcare system as we move to Pharmacy 2030.



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